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wallet by moonmaster9000

Wallet is a rails gem that allows you to manage all of your action cache configuration in a single yaml file. Supports TTL.

For a large project, it’s nice from a systems administration point of view to be able to quickly manage caching in a single place. Having a central YAML file for managing action caching also opens up the possibility of creating backend web interfaces for your application that could allow site administrators of your app to manage the TTL’s from anywhere.


rails >= 2.3.3 (but would probably work with earlier version of RAILS that support action caching)


To add wallet to your RAILS app, add a config.gem line like the following to the Rails::Initializer section of your environment.rb:

config.gem "wallet", :lib => 'wallet', :version => '>=0.0.2', :source => ""
Then install the missing gem:
bash$ sudo rake gems:install


Wallet distributes under the same terms as Ruby.


Matt Parker


Matt Parker (


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