dupe (düp), n., 1. To deceive. 2. A gem for quickly developing service mocks for testing ActiveResource.

wallet (wä-lət), n., 1. A pocket-size case for holding papers and paper money. 2. A gem for action cache configuration.

binder (bīn-dər), n., 1. Something (as tar or cement) that produces or promotes cohesion in loosely assembled substances 2. A gem for rebinding a proc to a new scope.

breadboard (bred-bȯrd), n., 1. A board on which mounted components are breadboarded 2. A gem for changing the service an ActiveResource object consumes based on your Rails environment.

fortify (fȯr-tə-fī), v., 1. To make strong. 2. A gem for defining default attributes for a newly instantiated ActiveResource object.

veracious (və-ˈrā-shəs), adj., 1. Marked by truth. 2. A gem for validating ActiveResource objects client-side.